Perhaps you don’t believe in ghosts, monsters and other mythical creatures? Or maybe the jury is still out regarding their existence. If you harbour any doubts at all then perhaps the tales you find within this book may help you decide. First of all, let me tell you they do indeed exist throughout the world. They dwell in witches’ covens, monster lodges and other such supernatural abodes.
Our stories concern one of these dwellings. It is called the Haunting House and is situated on a small rocky island off the coast of Scotland. It is inhabited by all manner of ghosties and Ghoulies and yes – even things that go bump in the night. However, at the outset of our story, things are not going at all well for the ghostly residents and their very existence is threatened – That is until Sydney comes up with a truly extraordinary idea that will turn the centuries old act of haunting on its head.
Who then is Sydney and just what is his fanciful scheme that will hopefully see the dwindling fortunes of the Haunting House residents reversed – Well perhaps if you read the opening tale you will be a little wiser and certainly much nearer in becoming a believer?  In the meantime why not take a peek at just a few of the spooky characters you will meet inside the pages of the book

      Gabriel Ghoul            Gwyneth Ghoul                          Timothy Troll                         The Boss           Hazel Hornhead         Headless Horace

   Patti Pitchfork                Ian Imp             Peter Pumpkinhead      Gregory Grimreaper        Oliver Ogre         Gerard Genie

If you want to read and see more of the Haunting House characters then you will have to buy the book! (And it's worth every penny)


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