By Election in Bamber Bridge East

Due to the unfortunate death of Labour Cllr Christine Melia, a by-election is due to be held on Thursday November 18th in order to fill this vacant position in SRBC.

The BBB are inviting all prospective candidates to provide us with their bio or mission statement which we will publish in our online magazine.

The first person to accept our invitation is Conservative candidate Mathew Forshaw. See below for Mathew's picture and mission statement.

We sincerely hope that other candidates will follow Mathew's example to allow the good people of East ward all the information they will need to select the right person for this important task. We promise to publish all statements received.

                                               Mathew Forshaw - The prospective Consevative candidate

Mathew Forshaw is the Conservative candidate for Bamber Bridge East. He is a born and bred Lancastrian and for the last 12 years he has lived  in Bamber Bridge and worked in the area as the maintenance manager of a hospitality company.  
He is a dedicated  Conservative brought about  by his own experiences and his support for Brexit.  At 16  he was made homeless  struggled to establish a home and job. He moved to Bamber Bridge in search of better opportunities. He  has extensive insight into the disadvantages and hardship that young people without home and family can face which he will draw on to help young people in similar situations.  
He plans to engage with local businesses, voluntary sector, fellow councillors  and residents to establish a ‘Town Team’ to bring events and improvements to the locality enjoyed by other areas.   The Town Team  will promote  ‘Bamber Bridge’ with all that is on offer on our doorstep. Mathew will fight for a fairer share of the funding available for the whole Borough for Bamber Bridge.
He sees  holding the council to account as  a priority on the issues that matter most such as litter, dog fouling, parking, green spaces, traffic  and air quality.
Of Particular concern is the Labour policy of merging South Ribble and Chorley local authorities’’ by stealth’’ , with their eventual desire to form one authority with Preston. Mathew will campaign   to preserve the independence and sovereignty of the South Ribble Borough.  
Mathew will cooperate with  Andrew Snowden, Police and Crime Commissioner along with  other councillors on tackling crime, and put his case forward to reopen Bamber Bridge police station to serve the community once again.
He will work hard to serve the people and  call on his business and personal  experience to work with the borough and county councillors to give something back to the community. He has a ’can do' attitude and will  fight for the residents of Bamber Bridge and bring us all back together as a community and improve peoples quality of life. 

We have also received the mission statement from the Labour candidate, Clare Hunter which you can read below

Hi all, a lot of you will already know me [😀] but for those that don't: I live in Bamber Bridge and have done most of my life. I'm therefore very aware of issues in our community. I will be standing as your local Labour candidate for the Bamber Bridge by-Election on 18th November 2021.       This election is about LOCAL politics and what's best for BAMBER BRIDGE and South Ribble. Help me to help you by voting on the 18th. THIS IS ABOUT BAMBER BRIDGE where you and your community live. Thanking you all in advance.



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We believe that the proposed Church Road gardens will also be the site of the proposed memorial to the Battle of Bamber Bridge. Let's hope that this memorial truly reflects the incident and the important message it carries.

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