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                           This is War!

                                           Nathan and Dominic ready for action

How that first intruder got in is a mystery. There he sat in the kitchen as though he owned the place. There was no talking to him so I opened the door and ushered him off the premises. That particular day we were due to go on holiday so I ensured that all entrances were secure; we certainly didn’t want any more of his ilk finding his way into the house while we were away.
Now imagine our surprise and horror on our return to find that not only had the intruder managed to gain access again, This time he had also brought a horde of his mates with him and the cheeky beggars had made themselves at home, squatting in our loft.
They looked an aggressive lot and I didn’t think it wise to confront them on my own. Fortunately I knew just who could help me in this dire situation – Send for the cavalry!     One phone call was all that was necessary to summon Nathan and his buddy Dominic, and they arrived fully armed for the fray that was about to ensue.                                     ‘I’ve seen attempted take overs like this before,’ Nathan informed me. ‘And it’s no good talking to them. Once they’re in the only way to evict them is by force. Hand me my trusty weapon Dom and let’s get at ‘em.’ The battle that ensued was short but effective. There were inevitable casualties but as Nathan emerged smiling from the loft, he informed me that the uninvited guests had been successfully evicted and that we should have no more trouble from them. I inquired if he and Dominic had escaped injury in the fierce battle they had fought so valiantly.                                                                                ‘This time we were lucky,’ Nathan replied. ‘But you have to be careful. Even with this protective suit on the little blighters can still pack a punch – You cannot be to careful when your dealing with a wasps’ nest!’                                                                                  Once again Nathan and Dominic from SCS Facility Services had won the day and we were now ‘wasp free’. If you or your neighbours are unfortunate enough to be invaded by wasps or any other unwelcome visitor then these are the guys to send for. They’re fast, professional, reliable, and sensibly priced. See below for how you can contact them