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Ever had one of those domestic crises where you desperately require the services of an honest and reliable tradesman but not been sure where you can find one? Well if this sounds like you then your troubles could be over.

A new initiative has recently been launched by Trading Standards, in conjunction with Lancashire County Council, to provide a register of 'trustworthy' local traders.

There are unfortunately some unscrupulous people passing themselves off as tradesmen who do not have a conscience and given the opportunity will attempt to rip people off, particularly the more vulnerable in society, for outrageous sums of money for plumbing, roofing and other jobs around the house.

This register is a good way to combat such people and further details can be found in the two-page leaflet shown below. There is also a web site you can visit which is On accessing it, you then enter your postcode and the type of trader required and a list is presented for you. You then select from the list. Alternatively, the leaflet displays a list of telephone numbers of various organizations that can assist you in identifying your work requirements.

We at the BBB have been in touch with a number of people who have used this service and all responses have been highly complimentary regarding both the quality of work carried and the very competitive prices (see below for a typical example).

So never feel at a loss again if you require a reputable tradesman to sort you out, thanks to the combined initiatives of Trading Standards and Lancashire County Council.




A very careless workman inadvertantly put his foot through our living room ceiling, leaving us with a large draughty hole in one of the coldest periods of winter. This needed to be put right as soon as a reliable builder could be contacted.                                                                  So who do you call? (No, not 'Draughtbusters'). It was then that I remembered an article in the BBB about 'Safe Traders' so I decided to give them a call to see if they could help me before that pesky draught blew us out of the room - And am I glad I did!                                  They put me on to 3 local builders and the first one I called, A Howarth & Son, based in Walton-le-Dale, couldn't have been more helpful. Within a very short time, son Toby turned up and did a magnificent repair job and at a very reasonable cost. So would I use this scheme again? You bet I would I and have no hesitation in recommending it for all trade requirements in general and of course A Howarth & Son for all building work.

To find out more about this family run company and what they could do for you, then why not visit their website at


And the job is not completed without the paperwork (On the ceiling that is). This was performed most expertly by Peter Caton who operates DP Decor. If ever you need a good and reliable decorator then you need look no further.

All the details on how to contact Peter are shown on his very smart set of wheels below.


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