Molly's Magical Moments!


Molly Ashton is a Preston lass, who for a number of years has travelled around the local area with her trusty camera, capturing the sights that most of us take for granted. However, in many of her shots she has managed to turn the plain into perfection, the ordinary into OMG, and even the mundane into the magical - You don't believe it? Well feast your eyes on a small selection of her work and you just might be convinced that there is indeed magic dust in her lens!

Molly's page will be updated monthly to allow her followers, old and new, to view what hidden corners of this part of Lancashire have caught her artistic eye.

This month, Molly, along with her trusty camera, takes a stroll around Bamber Bridge. Some people say that our little town is drab and featureless. Fortunately, Molly has shown with her expert eye that there is always beauty to be found if you look hard enough!

That's all for this month folks. I wonder where Molly's meanderings will take her next time

These splendid views of the city centre remind us that Preston has much to offer.

Next month will feature some intriguing views of the city as Molly, with her trusty camera, go on yet another photographic walkabout, capturing scenes of a popular Preston Park - See if you can guess which one?.

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