Local man conquers Everest!
                                            (Base Camp that is)


What was originally planned as a family trek to Everest Base Camp turned out to be a solo effort due to a number of unforeseen circumstances. Simon Nelson from Bamber Bridge, along with his son Paul and daughter Phoebe had planned this adventure for 2021. Unfortunately, Covid reared its ugly head and the visit was initially postponed.
It was then that the little mischief-maker Cupid took over from Covid and both Paul and Phoebe fell victims to his little arrows and so left dad undeterred to make the journey of a lifetime by himself – And what an adventure it turned out to be.
On his return to Bamber Bridge and after getting his breath back, Simon related to us some of the highlights of his journey to Everest Base Camp.          'This incredible journey certainly had its ups and downs. From the lows of battling altitude sickness to the highs of watching the roof of the world on fire at sunset. Whilst Shangri-la eluded us, hidden valleys, secluded villages and glacial lakes sufficed to provide an incredible landscape that catches one’s breath - And not only due to the lack of oxygen. In 16 days, we climbed to 5,500metres or 3 miles straight up!'
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case that little maxim turned out to be spot on. So, without further commentary let us land in Nepal and make this once-in-a-lifetime trek through the magic of the camera lens. See all the breath-taking photos on page 10a.

Just a little reminder to anyone who pledged a donation to Derian House in recognition of the original trip that they can now make it direct to the children's hospice.