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The original 'Sweet Adeline' first appeared as a song in 1903. Legend has it that it was written by a little-known American song writer and was inspired by a girl who worked at the music counter of a New York department store. It became a hit in 1904 when it was performed by a popular close harmony group called The Haydn Quartet. Since then it has been in and out of fashion over the years.

In Charlie Chaplin's 1922 silent film, 'Pay Day', four men sing 'Sweet Adeline' outside a bar.
In 1926, Max Fleischer and Red Seal Pictures released an animated version of 'Sweet Adeline',
In 1939, Mickey Mouse serenades Minnie Mouse with 'Sweet Adeline' in 'The Karnival Kid'.
It was briefly performed in the 1930 Looney Tunes short 'The Booze Hangs High'.
It was performed by a quartet of sea turtles in the 1930 film 'The Haunted Ship'.
The song was performed by the Marx Brothers in their 1931 film 'Monkey Business'.
The song was performed by Edgar Kennedy, Robert Armstrong, William Cagney and Bud Jamison in the 1934 film 'Flirting With Danger'.
In the 1935 Looney Tunes short, 'Gold Diggers of '49', it is sung by a barbershop quartet.
The song was performed in the Howard Hawks comedy film 'Ball of Fire' in 1941.
It featured in the 1942 Preston Sturges comedy, 'The Palm Beach Story'.
The song was featured in a 1952 episode of the TV show 'I Love Lucy'.
In 1961, Bing Crosby included the song in a medley on his album '101 Gang Songs'.
The Seekers used the song was in their 1968 album, 'Live at the Talk of the Town'.
In 1993, the Simpsons episode 'Homer's Barbershop Quartet' features the song.

Since then, it appears to have fallen out of fashion as a song. However, the lovely name lives on, and on November 30th 2022, our own 'Sweet Adeline' made her appearance. She is the daughter of Paul Nelson and his partner Jenny Ross. She also happens to be the great granddaughter of our resident 'Bard' and he has persuaded us (with a large cash contribution) to run a regular photo feature on his little bundle of joy. Here then is the 16th showing, which just happens to include the results of the 'gender reveal' party - Enjoy!

My Story!

Episode 17

Well, I’ve had another busy Month in April. Firstly, it was Great Nanna Margaret’s and Great Grandad Derek’s 64th wedding anniversary and we had a lovely family meal at their house. GG Derek had a lovely surprise for me as well. I love diggers and guess what? He bought one for me. Well not a real one but a toy. I had great fun playing with it.
Then there was Easter and we all went for a little holiday in the Lake District. The place was called Coniston and there was a big lake there as well with lots of swans and ducks swimming in the water. We also went for long walks; well Mummy and Daddy did while I rode on Daddy’s back. I did enjoy all that. Daddy says when I’m a big girl he will take me up a mountain and I can walk up it all by myself.
Then Daddy told me it was St George’s Day and that he slew a dragon. I wonder if GG can remember the dragon as he’s very old as well. Daddy had a day off work and we went to Southport with Great Nanna Margaret and Great Grandad Derek. We went to a cafe and had a nice meal and afterwards we went to a playground and Daddy pushed me on a swing. It was all very exciting and I hope that we can go back there soon.

And finally, it was the most exciting day of the month – It was Nanna Ruth’s special birthday – She was 60 (I wonder if she remembers the dragon?). They had a murder mystery night to celebrate her birthday. I won’t tell you who the murderer was but her name began with an M and ended with a Y. You’ll never guess who it was!
We then all went out for a meal at Verde’s restaurant. I like it there as there is a big pond with lots of ducks swimming about. I think we will probably go there again sometime.
Finally, we went to the seaside again at Lytham. I took my panda bike and had great fun riding up and down the prom. Mummy told me to be careful and not knock anyone down. I don’t think I knocked any people down but I did scare a few doggies.
So, another exciting month has ended happily. Next Month it will be May and I promise I’ll tell you all about what happened in what Daddy says is a very merry month.
Bye bye for now xx

Adeline's Picture Gallery

                             Watch out! There's a digger about.                                            There she goes! Round the back.

                I make it 7 swans a swimming and 53 ducks a dancing                        And Grandma Kathie came as well



                                  The only way to travel                                                         Phew! That was a tiring day

                               A lovely day out in Southport                                             I'm the leader of the Panda Patrol - Here I come

    Nanna Ruth 60! I don't believe it                 The usual suspects                            I spy a murderer - Guess who?

Oh Nanna, you do make me laugh   I shall now create a masterpiece                    And the gangs all here at Verde's

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