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Requiem For The Mill

Here's Annie and Fanny and Sarah Jane too.

Hurry up girls it's nearly ten-two.

With shawls pulled up snugly and clogs a clip clopping

Get a move on now lasses, there's no time for stopping

To chat with your mates 'bout the news of the day

Just one minute late and they'll sure dock our pay.

The Master stands scowling in his new billycock

His hand on the gate latch and his eye on the clock

Thank goodness, we made it, not a second to spare

Here's Alice and Nora a right giddy pair

Of Station Road lasses, their dads work here too

They started as yard hands when t'factory were new.

And then th'hooter sounded, the shift had begun

And mile after mile of fine cotton were spun

Full bobbins were shipped to what were called sheds

Where good cloth were woven from finely spun threads

And the clatter of shuttles and rattle of looms

Were all that were heard in the dim weaving rooms.

Aye the factory stood proud for a hundred plus years

The walls they had echoed with both laughter and tears

And husbands and wives, their children as well

Had worked there and no doubt had fine tales to tell

Of good times and sad times, the friends that were made

And nights on the town after rent 'mon' were paid.

But the New Mill has vanished from the town we call 'Brig'

There were some could have saved it but they don't give a fig

For heritage and history when there's cash to be made

So the mill's demolition was the price that was paid

As each brick was torn cruelly from the Wesley Street mill

My heart becomes saddened and my eyes with tears fill.

                                Bard O' Brig