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Over the years, much has been written about the 1943 Battle of Bamber Bridge, most of which is reasonably accurate - Except for one little known fact that turns the whole sequence of calamitous events on its head.

So what was the real reason as to why the battle started in this little northern mill town?            You can find out when you read about 'The True Story', which will be available from all good book shops and Amazon from June 24th - The 79th anniversary of the Battle.

If you missed the book signing at the Hob Inn, there are still a number of signed copies available from the Hob Inn at the discounted price of £8 a copy. Hurry though as there are only a few copies left at this price and this book will also make the perfect Christmas present. And remember that a % of all sales will be donated to Derian House Children's Hospice!

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As a long time supporter of Derian House Children's Hospice, the BBB is pleased to announce that the author will be donating a significent percentage of the royalties on all these publications to this most worthy cause

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Yet another 25 assorted tales with as many unforeseen twists as in the previous two volumes of ‘I Never Saw That Coming’ and ‘I Never Saw That Coming Either’. As before each spellbinding tale contains an unexpected twist and unless your imaginative thought processes are as convoluted as mine, at the conclusion of each you will undoubtedly whisper under your breath, ‘That’s another one out of the blue!’  The book is available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format and from May 29th, there is a special Kindle promotion where it can be downloaded for 99p - But hurry as the promotion only lasts for 7 days.


25 assorted tales with such twists that one would think they had been written with a corkscrew whilst descending a mile high helter skelter in the teeth of a whirlwind. However, they all contain a common theme dear reader and unless your imaginative thought processes are as convoluted as mine, at the conclusion of each you will undoubtedly whisper under your breath, ‘Well I never saw that coming.’


So what's this book all about? It's the follow-on sequel from 'I Never Saw That Coming'. Here is a snippet to whet your appetite.

     "You're in hell George, hades, the bottomless pit, the afterlife, call it what you will" explained Sam, "But you must have been a real bastard when you were alive, because this is the fourth level and only the worst people who ever lived are sent here." George looked closer at the shadowy figures who were still passing and could have sworn that he recognized Adolf Hitler walking by, arm in arm with Attila the Hun.

So, what will happen to George in his present sticky predicament? Is there a possible way out? Find out when you read ‘Be Careful What You Aspire Too’. Just one of 25 unusual tales, which at the conclusion of each one will have you saying, “Well, I never saw that coming”.


The 'Bard's' most successful book to date.

This is the almost true story of an ordinary Irish lass by the name of Tessie Cleary and her family. Almost true as except for the Cleary clan and their extended family, most of the other names in the tale are fictional. This also applies to many of the events in Tessie's and her family's lives which are based on rather sketchy references passed down through the generations by family members and others. The essence of the action is based on actual occurrences in the Cleary household to which I have applied a modicum of dramatic licence and although events and dialogue may not have happened exactly as recorded in this book, on the other hand who is there to say that they may not be that far removed from the truth?
So, was Tessie Cleary just an ordinary Irish lass then? Oh no! She was much more than that. In fact, she was someone rather special - She was my Ma!


'Tales From The Haunting House' is available for purchase through Amazon and in selected retail outlets.

Bookshop availability includes click & collect at Waterstones at £6.99 or on special offer from The Book Depository at £5.99 including shipping - A real bargain.
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In the meantime why not enjoy a sneak peek at just a few of the spooky characters that appear in the book on page 4e.



 'TRUCKS, BUSES, PLANES & TRAINS'                                                                                                                                    Is an account by the 'bard' of his 50 years in the people moving industry and is available for purchase, either as a paperback and also in Kindle format via the Amazon website.


A lovely little book with traditional children's stories - perfect for reading to the little ones at bedtime. This title is only available in Kindle format


Sea levels are rising all over the world and scientists blame it on global warming – They couldn’t be more wrong! The truth is far more sinister. Our salvation depends on the actions of a mysterious stranger who leads a group of spirited schoolgirls through a series of exciting adventures with new perils in every chapter as they search for the encrypted solution that will hopefully save the world from a watery demise. Will they succeed? The answer you seek dear reader is hidden within the pages of ‘The Secret of the Skull’, 'The Vengeance of the Skull' and 'The Wrath of the Skull'. Three great reads for adventurous girls of all ages - And there's one more book to follow - 'The Return of the Skull', which will be out early in the new year.

All the books are available from Amazon.

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