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After over 12 years at our new home we have managed to clock up almost 180,000 hits and August 2018 was a record month with nearly 9,000 hits, due mainly to a big increase in readership, particularly from abroad. A breakdown of our readership indicates that as well as our many UK fans we also have readers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Beijing in China, Dusseldorf in Germany, St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, Madrid in Spain, Paris in France, US readers in Mountain View, Redmond and Holtsville and a warm welcome to our latest readers in Israel, Malta and Vietnam. Why not drop us a line and tell us why you read the BBB? Many thanks to all of you who have continued to read and support our online magazine and if you or any of your friends would like to be added to our mailing list, then let us know by email on derek.rogerson@blueyonder.co.uk - Remember, your contributions on any issue are always welcome.

    Welcome to this Spring edition of the Bamber Bridge Bulletin and we are happy to announce that we are also now publishing online versions of

The Penwortham Magazine      The Lostock Hall Magazines     The PrestonMagazine     

Suspended until further notice. See at the bottom of the page as to why this has happened.

                              What's all this? - Visit page 4d and find out




Read about the proposed new tram bridge on page 2j      

Topless chicks in short skirts on page 8a.                       

NEWSFLASH 3                                                                                                                       A trip to Mt Everest on page 2g with photos on page 10a                                      

NEWSFLASH 4                                                                                                                                The 'Next Door' neighbourhood network? - Find out more on page 10f.                             NEWSFLASH 5  

Who is 'Sweet Adeline'? find out on page 11c.                                  

NEWSFLASH 6                                                                                                                                 Photos of the 1952 Preston Guild. View them on page 3.
Stuck for a Gift?  Some 'bookish' ideas on page 4d.

What's going on in't Brig? Find out more on page 1r.


As before you will see that Page 1 is still the menu page for local news & views. However, you now need to navigate by selecting the page that you require from the list on the right-hand side of this page.

New or modified pages since previous update in red

Page 1a - Suicide Corner still causing problems
Page 1b - Latest Community Newsletter.
Page 1ba - The Battle of Bamber Bridge - Latest for the 80th anniversary.
Page 1c - Molly's Magical Moments

Page 1d -
Bamber Bridge Development/My Neighbourhood Forum.

Page 1da - Pledge by SRBC leader on McKenzie Arms purchase.
Page 1e - Bring your leather furniture back to life.
Page 1f  - SRBC takes issue with an article in the BBB - FOI requested.
Page 1g - Updated messages regarding crime & fraud.
Page 1h - The SAFE TRADER scheme - Updated?
Page 1j - All Saints Church Newsletter - Suspended.
Page 1k - Who is UK's oldest blood donor? Watch the latest video.
Page 1l - Find out your credit score - and it won't cost a penny - Ever.
Page 1m - Our Health Page - Latest from the prostate cancer support group.
Page 1r - What's going on in't Brig? - Wing and a prayer junction.
Page 2 - Derian House.
Page 2a - Bamber Bridge VC hero/Who deserves the GCM?                                           Page 2aa - Purple Post - New literary magazine
Page 2b - Scams and how to protect yourself
Page 2c - A very interesting letter regarding McKenzie Arms purchase.
Page 2d - Visit 'Paul's Patch' - Suspended as Paul is moving to a bigger patch!
Page 2da - TV licence for over 75's.
Page 2e - The No 1 hit song on your birthday.
Page 2f - Transforming Preston and South Ribble

Page 2g - Who went to Everest?

Page 2h - Latest Preston events.

Page 2j - Saving the old Tram Bridge - See the proposed new bridge
Page 3 - Photos of 1952 Preston Guild

Page 3a - Money Matters - How to save on your energy bills.
Page 4 - The Bards latest story as published in the LP in April.
Page 4a - 'The Wrath of the Skull' - Now on sale (selling fast).
Page 4b - A trip down Memory lane - Updated
Page 4c - A Requiem for Wesley Street Mill
Page 4d - The Battle of Bamber Bridge -  Book out on June 24th.
Page 4e - See some of the 'scary' characters from The Haunting House.
Page 4f - A poem about Alzheimer's/The month of April revisited
Page 5 - A new Dining experience/Lucy's Coffee Shop
Page 6 - 'Breaks With The Bard' - A visit to sunny Llandudno.

Page 7 - Our latest Mover & Shaker
Page 8 & 8a -  'Bet We Can Make You Smile!' - Christmas Special.
Page 9 - Advertise it here/Padiham on Parade - 1940s Festival

Page 10 - Out & About - A picture worth a caption!
Page 10a - Everest photo gallery
Page 10b - Get Your Walking Boots On.
Page 10c - A Visit to Leyland Motors
Page 10d - A page dedicated to trees/A letter from our local MP.

Page 10e - Take over attempt thwarted by 2 brave men.

Page 10f - Next Door? What's it all about?

Page 10g - Historical newspaper reports about Bamber Bridge

Page 10h - Moments in Bamber Bridge History

Page 11 - The Penwortham Magazine - Issue 57 - Final Edition

Page 11a - The Lostock Hall Magazine - Issue 52 - Final Edition
Page 11b - The Preston Magazine - Issue 43 - Final Edition

Page 11c - Latest adventures of our own 'Sweet Adeline'?


                                                 RIP Heather!

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I must report the tragic passing of local historian, Heather Crook.  I had never met Heather in person but we became good friends due to the power of the internet and our mutual love of local history.

Heather was a local historian and also the author of the well respected and much read PENWORTHAM, LOSTOCK HALL and PRESTON MAGAZINES. As the editor of the BAMBER BRIDGE BULLETIN and for the past few years, it was my privilege and pleasure to publish Heather's local magazines here in the BBB. It is almost impossibe to believe that there will never be anymore updates to these beautifully written and illustrated journals. They had proven to be very popular with our readers and it can never be quite the same again without her well-loved and respected contributions.

In memory of her three magazines, the current and final editions will remain in the BBB as a permanent reminder of her skill and dedication of recording our local history.

My heart goes out to all her family and friends. She was a fantastic lady and will be sadly missed by all who knew her - RIP Heather xx

The Editor.


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